[Sust-mar] Empower! Visuals and Evaluation for Social Change Workshop

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Empower! Visuals and Evaluation for Social Change Workshop
Halifax- April 2015

This fun and hands-on workshop encourages interactive, adaptive, and
accessible evaluation processes that value different ways of knowing.
Designed to build confidence, the session is chock-full of opportunities to
put your knowledge into practice.

Graphics and visuals can be used as both a tool set and a process to help
evaluators and stakeholders explore context, clarify focus, discuss
findings, and understand their meaning. Sometimes our imaginations are
sparked by a visual where words fail us.  When communities plan and imagine
their futures, when teams consider the possible outcomes for their projects,
when groups create maps to track their progress ­ these are all
opportunities to use visuals to engage and deepen community dialogue.

Corrie Melanson of See Meaning Graphic Facilitation and Joanne Hussey of
Common Knowledge Consulting use participatory, engaging, and visual tools
and technologies to achieve workshop objectives.
Date- Thursday, April 16th, 9am-4:30pm
Location- Halifax, NS
For more information and to register:

For all of our training opportunities, see www.seemeaning.ca/training

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