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Imagine taking a weekend to immerse yourself in painting or writing or 
culinary arts (or all!), nestled in a pristine woodland setting on the 
beautiful Atlantic seashore. Excellent instruction, meeting new friends 
or joining old friends, delicious fresh local food prepared for you, 
birdsong and frog trills as your alarm clock . . . what are you waiting for?


*July 23-24: Baking with whole grains with Doug Brown. *Learn the basics 
of whole wheat/grain bread making from well known Nova Scotia organic 
(wood-fired oven) baker Doug Brown, a presenter at the first and 
subsequent Kneading Conferences in Skowhegan. His breads have garnered 
rave reviews from attendees at ACORN conferences, the PEI Organic 
Producers annual dinners (some hosted by Chef Michael Smith), as well as 
other Maritime events. His breads can be found at the Annapolis Royal 
farmers market, D’Aubin’s family meat market, Noggins Farm Markets in 
Alderney and Greenwich, Vegetorium, and EOS. Saturday evening 
Introduction to the basics of bread making – ingredients and their roles 
and importance. Baker’s terminology, math, and methods. Preparation for 
Sunday baking: soaking grains, fruits, mixing pre-ferments for different 
breads and pizza dough. Sunday: A prompt 9 am start. Following breakfast 
participants get hands on experience dealing with different bread types 
and different flours, including spelt and kamut/khorasan. This is 
strictly a whole wheat/grain affair. No white flour present. Break for 
lunch to include participants making pizza doughs (with wheat, a spelt, 
and a kamut flours) and the pizzas themselves with fresh ingredients and 
top-of the line cheeses.After lunch, a continuation of working with 
doughs followed by down time as the breads ferment. More discussion, 
rest, a walk on the beach. Done by suppertime and everyone gets to take 
bread home.Class limited to 12.

*August 12-14: Plein air watercolour painting with Roger Savage, RCA. *The

richness and variety of on-site painting motifs (rugged beach, forest, 
bog, andponds) will be our inspiration for this unique weekend workshop. 
The group will be small to allow for one-on-one painting tips as well as 
daily critiques and demo paintings by the resource artist. Participants 
should have drawing skills, know the names of their colours, and have 
had some previous painting experience. Friday evening there’ll be a 
technical review and hands-on watercolour exercises. We’ll paint on 
location the following two days, and wrap-up the program at 4 pm Sunday. 
Roger is an experienced watercolour artist having led workshops in Cuba, 
Bermuda, Germany, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. 
His work sparkles with light, energy and is painted directly on 
location, inspired by sites as familiar as Port Mouton, N.S., and remote 
as Sable and Ellesmere Islands (www.rogersavage.ca 
<http://www.rogersavage.ca>). Enrollment limited to 12 participants.

*September 9-11: Writing from nature*with award-winning poet, 
naturalist, and environmentalist Harry Thurston, This Friday evening to 
Sunday afternoon workshop is designed to sharpen observational skills, 
the foundation not only of nature writing but of all good writing. Focus 
will be on writing about the natural world. Practical exercises will 
include the writing of a prose poem – a hybrid and highly flexible form 
– taking as subject a natural object from the environment surrounding 
the Harrison Lewis Centre on one of the most protected and beautiful 
stretches of Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Participants are asked to submit 
a short prose piece or small selection of poems three weeks prior to the 
workshop date. Workshop gets underway at 7 pm, Friday, September 9 
(harrythurston.ca/). Enrollment limited to 12 participants.


*Limited enrollment, excellent instruction, great meals, amazing 
wilderness coastal setting within a short two-hour drive from Halifax –*

*what more can one ask?*


*Email HLC at eastlink.ca to register or for more information.*


*FBook: Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre*



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