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Exciting news about a  Permaculture Design Certificate <https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/permaculture-design-certificate-and-pdc-modules-tickets-43657878891> being offered at the Deanery Project this year.
The first module begins April 20th. Please share this information widely with your networks!

Permaculture Design Certificate and PDC Modules  

Permaculture is holistic, ecological design system focused on meeting human needs while preserving and helping to restore the natural  environment.  Join long-time Permaculture Design Educator Charles Williams, along with local guest instructors, as they share ways in which permaculture can provide practical, hands-on solutions to address both local and global issues today.
The internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) will be offered through the Deanery Project in six modules spread over eight months. The PDC is a combination of hands-on and theoretical learning. The curriculum includes in-depth permaculture theory, design methodology, practical exercises, and group projects. Course content was developed by Bill Mollison in the 1970’s, and is today regarded as the standard in permaculture education, recognized and respected worldwide.

In order to make PDC course content available to as many people as possible, we have created an option to register for the modules individually, however all six need to be completed along with requisite course deliverables in order to receive a PDC.

Full PDC  (6 modules) is $1500 + HST.   Individual modules are $300 + HST.
Prices include meals, dormitory and camping accommodation, as well as instruction. 
Register on Facebook events, or www.thedeaneryproject.com or call us directly to make arrangements. tel. 902-845-1888

There are Bed & Breakfast options near the Deanery and a commuter discount is available. 
A complete course package will be sent out upon registration. 

A few work trade positions for both the full PDC and individual modules are available. 
Please contact us directly for more information if you would like to apply for one of these, or should you have any other questions.
The Deanery Project, 751 West Ship Harbour Rd., Lower Ship Harbour NS,   B0J 1Y0

A brief overview of the PDC themes follows. 

Permaculture Design Certificate and PDC Modules
Module #1 April 20 - 22              Introduction to Permaculture 

What is Permaculture a history and overview
Tools for reading the landscape
How to observe with all our senses
Understanding what we see & looking beyond the surface
Unifying indigenous wisdom and scientific knowing 
How to apply Permaculture to building healthy groups
Module #2 May 18 - 20               Tending the Soils and Plants    

Understanding soil biology and chemistry 
Building and healing soils
Planting strategies: poly culture, perennials, food forests 
Planting, propagating, pruning, and grafting
Restoring degraded landscapes
Legal structures to own and acquire land.
 Module #3 June 22 - 24             Water is life    

Learning how water moves, building rain gardens, ponds and swales,
Addressing erosion, drought and storms
Collecting and storing water
Working with grey and black water
Healing toxic waters
 Module #4  September 14 -16     Natural Building 

What is Natural Building
Techniques and strategies: straw bale, cob, wood, clay, hempcrete, thatch …
Hands on building projects.
 Module #5  October 19 - 21           Climate Change

Global challenges in climate change
Urban strategies
Role of animals 
Alternative economics
Module #6 November 16 - 18          Design

Wrap up design projects
Design presentations 

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