[sust-mar] Training for Transition workshop, Nov 16-17, Registration open, Essential skills for community resilience in the climate emergency

David Wimberly davidwimberly at eastlink.ca
Tue Nov 5 19:24:23 EST 2019

Dear Friends,

Transition Bay St Margarets is again offering Training for Transition 
(also called Transition LAUNCH Workshop).  This will very likely be the 
only offering of this in Canada in the coming year.  We are offering 
this primarily for the benefit of others, to help you and your community 
and others learn essential skills and be able to help yourselves.  But 
we need your help to share the invitation to this program with your own 
contacts.  Please widely encourage others you know to attend.

Can you add your own encouraging message to this and then share it on in 
every media?  Can you consider sponsoring someone needing help to attend?

In Gratitude,
David Wimberly
Program Director
Transition Bay St Margarets

Here is the program you have been waiting for! Learn how to grow the 
essential skills and tools for sustainable community where you live, 
fundamental to the challenges of climate emergency, ecosystems collapse, 
food security, and more. This program has helped others around the world 
and we have the most experienced, successful trainer ever coming to work 
with us. This will be a small group process for deep learning.  This is 
an extraordinary opportunity, please don't miss out!  This is about the 
positive ways that succeed.

As a bonus, everyone who attends the Training for Transition is invited 
to attend the three evening events that compliment the Workshop, details 
at our website and our Facebook page.  It is worth noting that the 
Training for Transition itself is the core, most important program to 

      Training For Transition

        November 16-November 17


*Are you worried about the climate situation but aren’t sure what you 
can do? Do you want to be part of the growing number of people stepping 
forward to act across our globe?*

In response to scientific warnings that the climate situation is 
far worse than expected, networks of global municipalities are sprouting 
like mushrooms across the world; tens of thousands of citizen groups are 
demanding a transition from fossil fuels and ecosystem damage.


Join Tina Clarke & TransitionBay.ca to explore and co-create ways 
to move from concern into creative and strategic community action. In 
this weekend workshop you will grow your network of local relationships, 
explore ideas with friends new and old, and learn about innovative 
models to advance change. You can use this two-day workshop to explore 
new ways to help your community be more proactive, increase community 
engagement, and accelerate more rapid innovation for resilience and 
reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Building on the existing accomplishments and creative projects in the 
region, we’ll create more ways of working together to build community 
resilience. Through cooperation, collective genius, and strategic 
action, we can transition together from damaging and dangerous forms of 
energy and consumption to a healthier, brighter future.

Space limited.  Register today!

Register at: https://www.facebook.com/events/409677876639797/

More information at 
http://www.transitionbay.ca/event/transition-launch-workshop/ and at the 
Facebook page above.
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