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Sat Oct 8 12:44:08 EDT 2005

The fellow who has sent this email below is an incredible, energetic, 
intelligent activist from Edmonton. The Ford campaign he's organizing 
is co-sponsored by groups who I consider to have tons of integrity: 
Ruckus Society, Rainforest Action Network and Global Exchange. I 
encourage you to Adopt a Dealer, or learn more from the materials 

Hi my name is Mike Hudema I am the Jumpstart Ford Organizer with 
Global Exchange. I am emailing in hopes that you may do one of two 
things. One - join us in our next day of action on Nov. 12th and Two 
- forward this message to your networks. We are hoping to make this 
the biggest day of action ever and we have even more resources and 
trainings to help you participate. It's Time to Declare our 
Independence from Oil.

Day of Action: Sat. November 12, 2005
Tell Ford to Get Serious About Breaking Its Oil Addiction

The stakes couldn't be higher with record gas prices, the devastation 
of Hurricane Katrina, and the Arctic melting faster than ever before, 
we can't afford to wait any longer to declare our independence from 
oil. It's time that we let Ford, the worst polluter in the automobile 
industry, know they must stop driving this chaos and destruction.

Join us on Saturday November 12 and Adopt Your Local Ford Dealer! 
Sign up Now at <http://jumpstartford.com> www.jumpstartford.com

This year we are happy to be able to provide grassroots activists 
with even more trainings and resources than ever before. It couldn't 
be easier or more important for you to adopt a dealer today.

Two of the things you can do to participate is to adopt-a-dealership 
and organize a demo or if you are a campus activist you can work on 
passing a green fleets resolution. To adopt a dealer you can download 
a package at <http://jumpstartford.com/pdf/AdoptADealer.pdf>Jumpstart 
Ford: Adopt a Dealer or if you want more info on the green fleets 
program you can go to 
<http://jumpstartford.com/action/greenfleets_resolution/> Jumpstart 
Ford: Green Fleets.

To participate in the day of action contact Mike Hudema at 
<mailto:itstimetoriseup at gmail.com> itstimetoriseup at gmail.com or 
1-800-497-1994. Sign up so that we (Ruckus Society, Rainforest Action 
Network and Global Exchange) can support you. We can send you banners 
and flyers, as well as help you brainstorm potential actions.

In solidarity,

Mike Hudema
Jumpstart Ford Organizer
<http://www.globalexchange.org/>Global Exchange
itstimetoriseup at gmail.com


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