[Sust-mar] Earth Hour: Lights out for one hour at 8pm, March 29th, 2008

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 13:16:56 EST 2007

Hello sustainable maritimers,

	Bali, Indonesia, December 14, 2007: WWF today announced the
	official launch of Earth Hour, a global initiative in which cities
	and communities will turn out their lights to symbolise their
	leadership and commitment to finding solutions for climate change.

Earth Hour is a symbolic hour of "lights out" darkness on March 29th,
2008, at 8pm, to highlight our energy consumption and its relation to
climate change.  It started last year in Sydney, Australia, and is now
spreading to many major cities around the world.

Is there any planning being done for Earth Hour 2008 for cities in the
Maritimes?  I would like to help organize this event in Halifax.  Is there
any interest from subscribers here?  (Please reply to me directly to avoid
cluttering this list.  If there is sufficient interest, I will volunteer
to put everyone in touch with one another, starting in earnest in January).

Thank you,


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