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> Subject: chad: any takers?
> Hello journalists, activists, and other adventurous types,
> I’m searching for someone to take my job when I leave Chad in  
> February. I’m working for an American media development NGO called  
> Internews (www.internews.org) in Eastern Chad, setting up community  
> radio stations, providing journalism training and producing radio  
> programs. We broadcast to the local Chadian communities as well as  
> to the camps of Sudanese refugees fleeing the Darfur conflict. My  
> title is Resident Journalism Advisor – Gender Issues which usually  
> means that I work on programs dealing with issues of violence  
> against women and girls. It’s a fascinating region of the world, a  
> noble project and a hell of a challenge. I recommend it highly.
> I’m planning to leave at the end of February, so Internews is  
> hoping to hire someone for sometime around mid-Feb in order to  
> ensure a handover of sorts. The funding situation is still a little  
> bit up in the air but I would guess the contract to be between 4  
> and 6 months to start, with wide-open options to renew. French is a  
> must (but needn’t be textbook perfect: my second-hand Quebecois is  
> good enough to get by). A background in journalism and some  
> overseas experience are probably the only other essentials. And it  
> helps if you don’t mind insects, heat and lentils too much.
> I could send a proper job description and/or a more detailed  
> account of my own experience here to anyone who feels curious.  
> Please go ahead and pass this on to those you know who might be  
> interested.
> Again, I’ve had a wonderful time here and the work is terribly  
> compelling. Please give it a thought.
> Thanks,
> jaime
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