[Sust-mar] Submit your group and resources to the first Nova Scotia Sustainability Resource Directory

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Thu Jun 21 15:45:06 EDT 2007

Hello Sust-Mar subscribers: 

As Nova Scotia subscribers may know, the NS Environmental Network is
circulating an important call for input to Nova Scotia groups working on
environmental and sustainability issues. The call is related to a
sustainability resource directory we are compiling to showcase ALL Nova
Scotian efforts to promote education for sustainable development. The
original call, with more detailed information, follows this message. 

We are trying to obtain at least contact information and a description of
all environmental- and sustainability-oriented organizations operating
across Nova Scotia. We have not yet received responses from all groups and
organizations across the province and feel it will be important to list your
organization in the directory. We hope for this to be a superb,
comprehensive resource for all Nova Scotians, and it can provide outreach
benefits for your organization and others. Please note, it is not too late
to submit information for your organization. 

We recently launched an on-line form where groups can submit information
directly to the directory: www.nsen.ca/sense_add.php. We are accepting
information on-line until June 29th, but a later date can be arranged by
request if necessary. 

You may browse the existing directory at the following link: 
http://www.nsen.ca/sense_browse.php . A search function will be added to the
site very shortly.

Let me know if you have any questions about the on-line form, the directory
or the call for input. If you have already submitted to the directory and
feel you received this message in error, please contact me. 

Thank you,
Alex MacDonald



We are requesting your input. 

The Nova Scotia Environmental Network (NSEN) and its partners are working to
create a directory of community groups offering environmental and
sustainability resources in Nova Scotia. We are developing this resource
with the help of the Nova Scotia Education for Sustainable Development
Working Group (NSESDWG), the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and
Labour, and Environment Canada.

This initiative is our contribution to the United Nations Decade for
Education for Sustainable Development (for more information, visit
http://preview.tinyurl.com/4ceyf). We are requesting your help to make the
directory a superb information resource for all Nova Scotians. The
information you provide will be used to build a searchable database of Nova
Scotia's Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) resources on the NSEN
website ( www.nsen.ca/index.php), in addition to being published in a hard
copy booklet. Information that is submitted for all resources will also be
contributed to a national organization called Learning for a Sustainable
Future to complement their national ESD database. The compilation of ESD
resources in these databases will be valuable in directing the development
of ESD activities and programs in the future. 

The specific information we are requesting from your group or organization
is available at www.nsen.ca/sense_add.php . Please review the instructions
on the first page of the form, or the website, to guide your response to
this call for input. Do not hesitate to contact me, Alex MacDonald, at this
email address or by phone at 902-404-7793 if you have any questions or if
you cannot access the form. 

Please visit www.nsen.ca/sense_add.php and submit your information (You can
also contact me for a hard copy that can be mailed or faxed). If you submit
your information by this date, I can guarantee that your organization and
its ESD resources will be listed in the hard copy of the directory, to be
published late this summer. 

Thank you for your contribution to what will become a superb directory of
Nova Scotian efforts to promote sustainability!

Please forward this message to other groups in Nova Scotia that may also be
interested in contributing to this initiative. 


Alexander MacDonald
Sustainability Directory Coordinator

Nova Scotia Environmental Network
902-404-7793 (home office)
902-454-6846 (NSEN office)
macdonald.al at gmail.com

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