[Sust-mar] What's Going on with Green Drinks?

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Mon May 28 20:02:32 EDT 2007

Dear Halifax Green Drinkers
You may be wondering what's going on with the monthly green drinks events
you so look forward to every last Wednesday of every month! In truth, we've
had a couple glitches in the past couple of months, most importantly (and
unfortunately) the sudden and tragic closure of our beloved regular venue,
the Nail and the Kneecap. The organizers have been in search of a new venue
that can serve the unpredictable space needs of our group. On the list right
now are the Red Stag (in Brewery Market) and our old location, the Wooden
Monkey (on Argyle). If you have any better suggestions, please bring them

So what's the story for this Wednesday, May 30th? As it turns out none of
the organizers are going to be available to attend. However, if you're keen,
I suggest you show up at the Red Stag at 7pm and see if there are any other
green drinkers are around! Or perhaps you want to make Clean Nova Scotia's
annual fund-raising event your environmental networking night of the week
(see http://www.clean.ns.ca/default.asp?mn= Please accept our
apologies for the cancellation. And stay tuned for the return of Halifax
Green Drinks in June 2007!

Aftab, Karen, Kari, Alex
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