[Sust-mar] Under 2C campaign

Janice Ashworth JYASHWOR at DAL.CA
Fri Nov 9 10:55:02 EST 2007

Please pass to your lists:

The Under 2 degrees C campaign is underway to raise awareness about the
upcoming Kyoto meetings in Bali, Dec 3 – 14 where the post 2012 emission
reductions will be agreed upon. The most important outcome of this campaign
is to encourage the federal government to act responsibly at these meetings
and set reduction targets to levels that will avoid 2 degrees C of warming.

To do so, volunteers are needed for the following actions:

1)  Send a Wake-Up-Call to your politicians asking for action to keep us
Under 2C (see the website below for contact numbers)

2)  Post a photo of yourself on the blog site that shows how climate change
has impacted your life.  www.under2c.blogspot.com

3)  Join in the morning street corner sign events between Nov 13-17.
E-mail jennifer.j.west at gmail.com to help with #3 or distributing handouts.

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