[Sust-mar] Help Zoë get to Antarctica for environmental education expedition!

Zoë Caron ZCARON at DAL.CA
Fri Nov 9 16:00:14 EST 2007

--- Apologies for any double emails. ---

Dear members of Sustainable Maritimes,

For those who might not know me, I have worked as the Atlantic Sustainable
Campuses Coordinator out of Halifax for the past two years, resigning this past
summer. After just graduating from Dalhousie University this past October, I
have been accepted into a volunteer role as a student-to-student Chaperone on
board an environmental education expedition to Antarctica this December and


The not-for profit organization Students on Ice is a unique initiative dedicated
to taking students from around the world on incredible learning expeditions to
the Arctic and Antarctic. The ship-based program has modern icebreakers as our
home and is the only organization in the world that offers this kind of
opportunity to youth to be immersed in the incredible and natural environments
via hands-on research activities and lectures, taught by polar experts,
educators, and researchers.


The program also has a focus on climate change - one of my core interests over
the past two years. Above all, the expedition aims to educate and empower youth
- the other of my core ambitions over the past few years. My role on this
expedition would be as a student but in a leadership role to other students.

I strongly believe that this expedition presents a large opportunity for me to
deepen my understanding of the cultural, historical, and environmental
importance of the Antarctic beyond the common frame of climate change. Most
importantly, this would then allow me to better share my knowledge and
experiences with others as I continue environmental work in Canada.


As you all know, our world is at a critical point where we are beginning to
embrace pragmatic environmental solutions on a global scale. I am excited and
inspired by the opportunities available and I want to be able to communicate,
share, and build that enthusiasm in the most effective way and with as many
young people as possible - and I see Students on Ice as one of many tools to
enable me, and many others, to do just that.


The catch is that $9,900 is needed to be fundraised! All information is
available at the website posted here. Donations of any size can be made online
on this site - whether you can give 5 or 10, or even just pass on this link.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!! So far $1,500 has been raised.


1. Online on this website
(goes through PayPal)
2. By sending a cheque (contact me for details)


1. Copy this email to friends, family and coworkers that may be interested.
2. Have a website? Post this link
 or this widget http://www.chipin.com/mywidgets/id/999e8417a91b4bfc
3. Suggest organizations that may be interested in supporting the initiative.
4. Have your organization officially sponsor the initiative (contact me for


... For taking the time to read this, for being interested in environmental
issues, and for your support. If you have any questions please let me know!

Sincerely yours,


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