[Sust-mar] Green Drinks on the patio

Green Drinks greendrinks.halifax at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 15:02:22 EDT 2008

The KKS (Karen, Kari and Sera) will be presenting *"Green Drinks an Eve on
the Patio" *on April 30th starring you and your drink and many other people
with drinks.

(If it rains please note that the title will change to *"Green Drinks an Eve
Indoors" *still starring the lot of you and your drinks.)**

* *

Join us on April 30th at the Niche Lounge at 1505 Barrington Street (below
the Aliant building) for our monthly gathering from 7-10pm. There are no
commitments; you can come any time to simply enjoy the company of other
environmentally minded individuals and a refreshing beverage. If you don't
know anyone we will do our best to introduce you to all the new faces. We
meet on the last Wednesday of every month so mark it in your calendar!

We're not alone. Check out all the other Green Drinkers around the world!


Questions, comments, want to be added to our contact list or removed? Email
us at greendrinks.halifax at gmail.com.

Organizers: Karen, Kari and Sera

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