[Sust-mar] NEW! Revolution of the Mind: Transformative learning for sustainable living. New course starts Feb 2009.

Saskia Tait saskiatait at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 15:29:43 EST 2008

Revolution of the Mind: Transformative learning for sustainable living
New course starts February 2009 - 2 hours per week for 8 weeks
Choice of locations: Halifax or Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Open for registration now!

In these critical times, we need new forms of leadership and a new  
generation of change agents who have a genuine appreciation for the  
inner and outer dimensions of structural, sustainable transformation.

To this end, the "Revolution of the Mind" course will provide a  
limited number of participants with the unique opportunity to study  
transformative beliefs, experiences, and practices that are evident in  
many cultures, religious traditions, and in spiritual and  
transpersonal psychotherapeutic practices. The course will benefit  
individuals, organizations and communities seeking more holistic,  
integral and dynamic pathways to a bright and sustainable future.

Limited space available. For more information and to register, contact  
Saskia Tait and Shahar Rabi: saskiatait at gmail.com; Tel: 902-489-2524

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