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Position: Assistant Director, Outtripping Director, Adventure Director, and more

Organization: Big Cove YMCA Camp and Outdoor Centre http://www.bigcove.org

Location: Thorburn, Nova Scotia

Application deadline: Feb 15, 2008

About Big Cove:

Big Cove YMCA Camp is located on the Northumberland

Straight, just 15 minutes east of New Glasgow. Owned and

operated by the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth, it is the

oldest residential camp in Canada, celebrating 119 years

this summer!

Our Mission: Big Cove YMCA Camp is an Historic Wilderness 

camp dedicated to providing youth with opportunities to develop 

leadership skills, enhance their self-esteem and foster and

appreciation of the natural environment in a safe,

respectful community.

All members of the Big Cove YMCA Camp staff team must 

have current Standard First Aid and CPR Level C, as well as

Bronze Cross prior to beginning employment. NLS is an asset

for those applying for Leadership and resource staff

positions. Wilderness First Aid is required for those

applying for Leadership positions.

To apply for a staff position at Big Cove YMCA Camp, please

send a resume and a cover letter to the Director, Jennifer

Organ, at jennifer_organ at ymca.ca . If you have any questions

please feel free to call myself at (902) 425-9622 ext 236.


The following are the positions available for 2008:


Assistant Director 

(April 23rd to August 23rd -- possible fall employment as well)

This is a demanding job with various responsibilities. The

Assistant Director will work very closely with the Director

to oversee many aspects of the entire camp operation. They

will act as Director when the Camp Director is off site.

They will be responsible for giving support and direction to

resource (senior) program staff and leadership staff. They

will work through the spring to help train staff and

coordinate rental groups. Will also help coordinate and run

all staff training prior to the beginning of the summer.

Must have strong leadership and organizational skills,

extensive experience in a residential camp setting, and a

class 4 driver's license is an asset.

Program Director  (June 21st -- August 23rd)

Duties will include supervision of all program areas at

camp and support to those who run the activities.

Responsible for coordination of camp wide activities, theme

days, supervising and delivering programs, and will be a

member or the resource team. This is a demanding and

exciting job with a lot of responsibilities, organization is


Waterfront Director  (June 21st -- August 23rd)

The Waterfront Director is responsible for the waterfront

area of Camp, which includes safety, supervision, and

instruction of all swimming activities, as well as the

coordination of aquatic emergency procedures. NSL is

required, as well as Swimming Instructor certificate. As a

member of the resource team this individual will work with

other program area heads to ensure strong delivery of

programs and help out other areas of camp when needed.

Outtripping Director  (June 21st-- August 23rd)

The Outtripping Director is responsible for training staff

in leading safe and responsible wilderness camping trips.

Must have extensive knowledge of wilderness camping,

orienteering, navigation and risk management. During the

summer, duties include coordinating outtripping schedule

with Leadership and camper groups, fixing and maintaining

all outtripping gear and ordering and packing food. This

position is part of the resource team and is expected to

participate with other program areas around camp when

needed. Class 4 driver's license (or equivalent) is a strong


Adventure Director  (June 21st -- August 23rd)

The Adventure Director is responsible for supervising and

running an adventure program at camp, which includes a low

and high ropes course, a zip line, a climbing tree and a

bouldering wall. Duties would include training all staff in

general safety rules for each of the courses, designing an

adventure program for all of the campers, conducting regular

safety checks on equipment and the course, and helping out

other areas of camp as needed. This individual must have

extensive knowledge of ropes courses. This position is part

of the resource team.

Canoe Director  (June 21st-- August 23rd)

Responsibilities include overseeing all of the boating

areas at camp, specifically the canoes. Candidate will

develop canoeing and kayaking levels for campers and oversee

counsellors who are on the docks teaching boating. Other

duties include maintenance of boats when needed, and helping

out in other areas of camp when possible. The Boating

Director is required to have their Canoe Nova Scotia Level

4, or equivalent. NLS is an asset. This position is part of

the resource team.

Arts and Crafts Director  (June 21st -- August 23rd)

Responsibilities include: ordering supplies, developing

lesson plans, carrying out arts and crafts interest groups,

creatvitity, ability to adapt crafts to include materials

from our natural environment. Also will be required to help

other senior staff with other program areas that may need

assistance. This position is part of the resource team.

Leadership 1 Counsellor (4 positions)  (June 21st -- August 23rd)

This position is responsible for the coordination and

implementation of the first year of Big Cove YMCA Camp's

two-year leadership program. It is a four-week program for

youth ages 15-16. The focus of the program is hard skill

development through a ten-day canoe trip, a five-day hike,

and instruction in all the camp program areas. There are 2

counsellors per group, and all Leadership Participants live

in tipis. Must have extensive leadership experience in

canoeing and wilderness camping, as well as orienteering

skills and experience in a residential camp setting. NLS and

Wilderness First Aid is required.

Head Counsellor (4 positions)  (June 21st -- August 23rd)

New this year is the introduction of head counselors. Head

counsellers will carry out all counseling duties with

additional responsibilities that will act as a support to

the counselling team. Additonal responsibilities include:

acting as a liasson between counselors and senior (resource)

staff, assisting with programming, attending various morning

meetings, and acting as an overall representative and role

model for the entire counseling team. This position requires

each applicant to hold at least two years of previous

counseling experience or other similar experiences.

Driver  (July 3rd - August 23rd)

The driver is responsible for driving campers and staff to

various Outtripping sites throughout NS. This is a demanding

job with the majority of time spent on the road, where you

are responsible for the safety of campers and staff. While

using the camp vehicles, the driver represents Big Cove, the

YMCA, and our Donors. Other responsibilities include:

maintenance of the camp van and Jeep, running into town for

supplies, helping out around camp with tasks while off the

road. Must have Class 4 Drivers License (or equivalent) with

a clean driving record. The driver is welcome to live on

site with room and board included.

Assistant Cook (2 positions)  (June 28th -- August 23rd)

Assistant Cook positions are available for the summer

months. Responsibilities include preparing 3 meals and a

snack each day for 190 people (at max capacity) each day.

Must be able to work in a fast paced environment, problem

solve and work well with peers and children. This position

averages 2 days off each week. A valid Food Handlers Course

is an asset.

Spring & Fall Program Staff (12 positions) 

    April 25th -- June 20th & Sept-Oct

During the months of May and June, and parts of the fall

staff will provide outdoor programs for schools and rental

groups. They will also work in the kitchen to help prepare

meals, clean and wash dishes. They will also perform

maintenance work to get the camp ready for the summer, 

or help close it down for the winter.


To apply for a staff position at Big Cove YMCA Camp, please

send a resume and a cover letter to the Director, Jennifer

Organ, at jennifer_organ (at) ymca.ca* . If you have any questions

please feel free to call myself at (902) 425-9622 ext 236.




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