[Sust-mar] cross-cultural learning about plant medicines

Margaret Tusz King margaret at tatacentre.ca
Mon Jun 16 08:39:55 EDT 2008

Plant Medicines: Sharing Between Cultures

Tatamagouche Centre

August 8-9; Fri. 2pm to Sat. 4:30pm

During plant walks and discussions, we will get to know many local wild and cultivated medicinal plants and learn about their healing uses as they relate to different cultures.  This program will include active hands-on experience in making herbal medicines including teas, infused oils, ointments and vinegars.  

Leadership: Danette Steele is a registered Clinical Herbalist who is a faculty member with the International College of Herbal Medicine. Trudy Watts has developed the Living Traditons Herb Garden at Tatamagouche Centre. Mi'kmaq and Acadian resource people (to be announced).

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For more information or to register, please contact:  

Tatamagouche Centre at 1-800-218-2220 or www.tatacentre.ca

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