[Sust-mar] St. Patrick approves of Green Drinks

Green Drinks greendrinks.halifax at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 13:03:06 EDT 2008

If your liver didn't pack up and walk out on you after St. Patrick's Day,
please consider joining us this month for Green Drinks.  Even if you are
liver-less you can still order a hot mug of tea/coffee or a tall cool glass
of something sweet and refreshing.

Green Drinks will take place at the Niche Lounge (1505 Barrington Street) on
March 26th from 7-10pm.

What is Green Drinks anyway?  It is a social gathering of 'green' minded
individuals where the conversation all depends on who shows up.  Everyone is
welcome and if you are hungry there is a nice menu to peruse.

Some of you have asked why we meet at Niche and we would like to let you
know that we chose this location because it is central, it can seat 15-20
people comfortably with mingling room, it is on a major bus route, there
isn't a band playing on Wednesdays to drown out our conversation, it has a
patio for the warmer days and you don't need to order food to hang out
there.  It is very difficult to find a pub in Halifax that meets all our
needs and so far the Niche Lounge is our best option.

When you arrive just ask for the Green Drinks table. See you there!

Organizers: Kari, Karen and Sera

If you have moved and would like to be removed from this list please email
us at greendrinks.halifax at gmail.com

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