[Sust-mar] FW: an invitation to share ...

Helen Jones hjones at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Mar 21 13:46:31 EDT 2008


Hi Sustmarians,


I'm posting this invitation on behalf of a small association of people
interested in exploring this idea.  

For the moment, I see myself as a "facilitator," but - who knows - possibly
at some point a participant.





From: novaculture at live.com
Subject: an invitation to share...
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 15:37:36 -0400



This is a call to those select few who would consider the possibility of
joining up with some (6-10?) likeminded others to create/ live on a shared
homestead.  Such a situation might include growing most of our own food,
keeping some livestock, creating/ retrofitting low impact homes/ shelters
with some common areas, learning how to build an egalitarian community,
sharing common resources/ buying stuff together, and generally developing/
living a model (lifeboat?) by which others might learn.  In the larger
context of a changing climate (potentially chaotic), scarcer and more
expensive fossil energies/ non-renewables (energy descent), and radical
upheaval of the economic status quo (happening already!), we could cooperate
in applying the principles and pathways of permaculture's systems thinking,
approaches, and design to our situation. More or less essential are
qualities such as humility, humour/ cheerfulness, a sense of responsibility,
creativity, willingness to learn/ teach and work with others, an open mind
and heart, a generally healthy body with a willingness for fun, meaningful
work, and some practical skills/ resources would be good, too!   If you know
someone who might be interested and/ or has some land (in mainland nova
scotia) to host such a venture, please pass this on.  If those interested
would respond with a brief summary of why you are interested and what you
might bring to such a project, that would be much appreciated.  After some
correspondence we could meet each other and see what unfolds.  The journey
will be long, and so it might be wise to begin our actions soon.  Now is the









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