[Sust-mar] Nova Scotia's independent news magazine turns one

The Review editor at policyreview.ca
Thu May 22 18:36:33 EDT 2008

Nova Scotia's independent news magazine turns one


The June issue of The Nova Scotia Policy Review marks the first anniversary of Nova Scotia's independent quarterly news magazine. 


The magazine is reaching out to a wider audience with a fresh cover - using striking black and white photography and bold red type - and a sharper focus on politics, culture and justice. 


"As you turn the pages, you may sense a palpable desire for a more just society," writes editor Rachel Brighton in the June issue. 


The June issue looks at education and culture, poverty and health, and sustainable development. Four writers trace the undercurrents in our education system - offering a critique of the flawed plan for childcare, the role of the arts in education, and threats to education in the North End of Halifax. Three writers put poverty squarely on the agenda. And three writers build up our understanding of what sustainable development really means. 


Christine Saulnier explains why a higher minimum wage is good for us all. Shirley Soleil describes the shadow that mental illness casts over poverty. Chris Arsenault spells out the true cost of coal. Judy Kennedy offers a global and local primer on community values. And Rachel Brighton observes 10 rules for taming the tides. 


The June issue also introduces readers to two new departments: Legislative Review and Hansard.


The Nova Scotia Policy Review is sold by subscription at http://www.policyreview.ca/ For inquiries, contact the editor, Rachel Brighton, at editor at policyreview.ca



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