[Sust-mar] Halifax Sustainability Education Networking Meeting

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SENSE (Sustainability
Education in Nova Scotia for Everyone)
would like to invite you to attend the Halifax Sustainability Education
Networking Meeting on Wednesday,
February 18, 2009 from 10am to 3pm at the Canadian Centre for
Ethics in Public Affairs (see directions below).


The keynote speaker will be Lynn Hartwell with the Nova
Scotia Department of Community Services who will speak about the Social
Perspectives of Sustainable Prosperity (linking environment-economic-social).
More information can be found at www.gov.ns.ca/coms/department/documents/Weaving_the_Threads.pdf


Sustainability education focuses on three pillars to form a
sustainable society: environmental, social and economical. At this networking
meeting we will be concentrating on the sustainability of the social pillar. 


Jonathan Feldgajer, Education Coordinator with CPAWS, Julianne
Acker-Verney with FEED NOVA SCOTIA and Michael
Poworoznyk with Metro Turning Point will also be speaking this day.


Networking meetings for formal, non-formal and information
educators provide a great opportunity to learn from one another, share
resources and organize our activities with the aim of advancing all of our
visions and missions. It’s a great chance to see what organizations, groups and
businesses are doing in relation to sustainable education in and around


Bring your business cards and materials to share with
others. Catered lunch will be provided.



Space is limited, first come first in! If you are interested
in attending please RSVP by Friday, February 13th by e-mail: esd_novascotia at lsf-lst.ca
or by calling 454-6846 so I can ensure adequate catering. 




CCEPA (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs) is
located at 630 Franklyn St. in the South End of Halifax.





SENSE (Sustainability Education in Nova Scotia for Everyone)
is a group of organizations, businesses and individuals dedicated to the
promotion of ideas and practices that will help Nova Scotia become sustainable.
SENSE is part of a national network of Provincial and Territorial Working
Groups striving to achieve the objectives of the United Nations Decade of
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) from 2005-2014. 

For more information on SENSE please see:


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