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Mon Feb 9 08:40:07 EST 2009

Prince Edward Island/IBS Social 
The Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd. (IBS), invites you to join our 
Social Forums. 
Each event begins at 7:00 p.m. with a potluck dinner, presentation and 
informal discussion. 
The intent is to share ideas and inform each other about social issues 
affecting our future. 
Each forum is held at 114 Upper Prince Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward 
For more information call: 367-0390
February 10 (Tuesday) - Community Renewal
The bioregional approach to community enhancement places very high value on 
activities that unite individuals to create of a sense of place that is safe, 
healthy, and productive while also retaining continuity of the region’s 
natural and cultural history. The community becomes, an extension of one’s very 
It implies a sensitivity and respect to the uniqueness of our neighbourhood 
and how it can be expressed in the infrastructure, symbols, images, art, rituals 
other cultural expressions of the community. Tonight, the neighbours of Upper 
Prince Street will present an oral history of our community. 
We will then open discussion to uncover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities 
and threats impacting our municipality and 
actions we can implement to enhance our neighbourhood. 
 Phil Ferraro and Nancy Willis
Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd.
114 Upper Prince Street, Charlottetown 
Prince Edward Island Canada  C1A 4S3
"Restoring Community, Protecting the Land and Informing the Earth’s Stewards"


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