[Sust-mar] Introduction to Permaculture workshop - Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 31 - Aug 1

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Wed Jul 28 09:54:01 EDT 2010

Introduction to Permaculture - Halifax, Nova Scotia - ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT!

July 31, 2010 - August 1, 2010
Ecology Action Centre (2705 Fern Lane)
Halifax, Nova Scotia
9-5 both days (including breaks)


In this 2-day workshop, you are going to learn about the basics of 
permaculture. Permaculture is a design science for creating sustainable 
human habitat. There's something in this course for everybody! Whether your 
heavy into gardening, interested in making positive change, want to learn 
about renewable energy, or determined to ensure clean water is freely 
available, this course is for you!

Your registration includes:
A Copy of Bill Mollison's Introduction To Permaculture book
A delicious meal and refreshments included both days
12 hours of inspiring and engaging instruction, and hands-on exercises

Register online, or contact info(at)bigskypermaculture.ca
Here's what this exciting course will cover:

Functional design

Well designed systems take care of all their needs from within, not 
requiring much energy and management to function. You'll learn how to make 
sense of all the things around you and draw out beneficial connections 
between them. Good design is not about a rain barrel, a greenhouse or a 
roof, it is the functional connections between them!

Sustainable water systems

Permaculture is about designing water back into our households and 
communities so that is is effectively used and cleaned. Sensible design with 
water ensures we'll always have fresh water, and that it is returned back as 
clean as it came in. Learn how to design graywater systems and rainwater 
capture and storage!

The fundamentals of organic food production

A big part of permaculture is being able to produce fresh and nutritious 
food so that families are able to affordably meet their food needs. You will 
learn about how to create landscapes that produce high yields of food while 
building soil which don't need weeding, insect control, nor water other than 

Garden and landscape design

You'll learn how to start a productive garden that is fruitful and 
beautiful, even if your yard has bad soil! This course will show you exactly 
how to get started on building a food (and energy) producing landscape that 
will only require very little of your time to harvest and maintain once 

Designing fossil energy out of the system

Permaculture is a viable alternative for meeting all of our needs in a 
community without reliance on fossil fuels. You will learn how to get 
started with creating food, water and energy surpluses without the need for 
fossil energy!

Soil science, soil-building and composting

Human health is directly tied to the health of the soil. Much of the the 
food we eat is deficient in minerals because it is grown in lifeless soil. 
In this course, you will discover the ins and outs of soil, and its 
relationship to plants. You'll learn how to create a system that builds soil 
with minimal work.

Local renewable energy systems and planning

Through permaculture design, you will learn how to use locally-occurring 
resources strategically to begin meeting your family's (and community's) 
energy needs.

Strategies for a Resilient Community

In ecological systems, it is the organism that participates in the highest 
number of beneficial connections with others that succeeds. Humans are no 
different! You will learn about creating effective community groups, and 
forming meaningful and effective community organizations.

Please be sure to read our refund policy. 

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