[Sust-mar] CIDA-funded Guatemala Internships 2010-11, Tatamagouche Centre

Kathryn Anderson kathrynande at gmail.com
Sat May 8 16:07:13 EDT 2010


Tatamagouche Centre's Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Program is
pleased to announce its 2010-11 CIDA-funded Youth Internship Program in
Guatemala. For more information and requirements for Internship applicants,
please go to the CIDA International Youth Internships Website. (Glenn, for
some strange reason, I could not seem to get to the 2010 Internship page.
Please give me the Website address.)

The following Internships have been approved by the Canadian International
Internship Agency:

1. Human Rights Education Advisor, with Fundacion Nueva Esperanza, Rabinal

2. Food Security Advisor with Instituto Meso-Americano de Permacultura
(IMAP), San Lucas Toliman

3. Health Education Promoter with Presbiterio Kaqchikel, Chimaltenango

4. Land Use and Land Management Facilitator with CEIBA, Huehuetenango

5. Human Rights Adviser with Asociación Bufete Jurídica Popular, Rabinal

6. Family Violence Support Worker with Asociación Bufete Jurídica Popular

7. Gender and Environmental Education Officer, Comite Campesino del
Altiplano, San Lucas Toliman

8. Youth and Environment Trainer, Comite Campesino del Altiplano, San Lucas

The information/application package will be posted on the Tatamagouche
Centre Website, www.tatacentre.ca, within the next few days.  Applications
must be receieved by midnight, Sunday, May 30th. You will receive an Email
indicating that your application has been received. Only those shortlisted
will be contacted for an interview. Those shortlisted must be available for
an interview the week of June 6th.

Many thanks

Jackie McVicar Guatemala
Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence
Tatamagouche Centre

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