[Sust-mar] Nurturing the Young Naturalist (NB)

J. Barlow wonder at senseofwonderee.ca
Tue May 18 07:07:38 EDT 2010

"Nurturing the Young Naturalist:  A Sharing NatureR with Children Workshop"
Municipal Building, Cambridge-Narrows, New Brunswick
May 22, 2010

Janet Barlow, the Canada Country Coordinator of Sharing Nature Worldwide,
will be coming to Cambridge-Narrows this Saturday to share her experience
and insight related to connecting children with nature. This workshop will
re-kindle our own sense of wonder in nature and give us the tools to help us
pass on that wonder to the children in our lives.  


The day unfolds at the Municipal Building in Cambridge-Narrows in two parts:

9:30 - 2:30  Nurturing the Young Naturalist: A Sharing Nature Workshop  -
registration required

3:00 - 4:30  Nature Education Panel and Networking Session - open to the


Registration is now open.  There is a $30.00 registration fee which includes
the cost of handouts. You can register by contacting Vanessa Roy-MacDougall
of Nature NB at (506) 459-4209, or by emailing Nature NB at
nbfn at aibn.nb.com.


For more information, visit: www.acelebrationofbirds.com/wings.html 


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