[Sust-mar] Peace and Friendship Gathering 2011

Meghan MacCulloch meghan at tatacentre.ca
Thu Aug 4 15:26:31 EDT 2011

Peace and Friendship Gathering

August 15-19; Monday 10am to Friday 1pm 


Welcome to this annual cross-cultural gathering! Come to meet Aboriginal

of this region, experience indigenous-led program 

and learn about current issues. Learn about and live out our Peace and 

Friendship Treaties together! 

This year, we will gather together to find hope, as we examine our real 

concerns about our environment (water, fracking, mining, fishing, 

forestry, etc), our historic and current realities (Indian Residential 

Schools, unacknowledged Treaties and Rights, etc) and a dominant 

worldview that seems to oppress all that keeps us alive. Is there a 

connection between our relationships with each other and our 

relationship with the Earth? What more can we do together, that we 

cannot do apart? How will we work together toward a common vision of 

peace and justice? 

Join inspiring Aboriginal People to explore these and many other 

important questions. Sherry Pictou, from Bear River First Nation, is a 

Mi'kmaq educator and co-Chair of the World Fisheries Forum. She brings 

inspiration, experience and ongoing challenges from her work with the 

fisheries and indigenous rights - from both Maritime and international 

perspectives. gkisedtanamoogk, Wampanoag, teachers Native Studies 

at the University of Maine, and is a co-founder of the Aboriginal Rights 

Coalition - Atlantic. He notes "...We are all suffering...The Peace and 

Friendship Gatherings are the good medicine to enable us to bridge the 

gaps of mutuality and socio-economic responsibility." 

Eileen Brooks, from Indian Brook First Nation, will bring spiritual 

leadership; Mi'kmaq musician and educator, Catherine Martin, will bring 

her music, films and stories; and Margaret Tusz-King, coordinator of the 

Peace and Friendship Project, will be there to offer welcome and 

support. We expect other leaders and experts from our region to join us 

over the week as well. 

Our daily rhythm of activities will include early Morning Ceremony, 

focused Talking Circles before lunch, special workshops, cultural 

experiences or quiet time together during the afternoons, and then 

evening processes to reflect and debrief the day. All are welcome to 

come for as little or as long as you can. Particular daily topics will 

be determined by the resource people, and by the interests of those 


Cost: $375 for all 4 days; pro-rated for however long you can attend. 

Tenting/camping is an option too. 


The Peace and Friendship Project is a partnership of Tatamagouche Centre 

with the Mennonite Central Committee, in conjunction with the Aboriginal 

Rights Coalition - Atlantic and the Maritime Conference Working Group on 

Aboriginal Relations and Concerns.



Meghan MacCulloch

Promotions Coordinator

Tatamagouch Centre




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