[Sust-mar] The Halifax Herald imposes a foul contract and loses its leading freelancers, including me

Silver Donald Cameron sdc at silverdonaldcameron.ca
Sat May 7 18:21:17 EDT 2011


   I don't know if folks on the list are aware that the Herald imposed an unacceptable contract on its freelancers, and since I refused to sign it, they're no longer carrying the column -- nor are they carrying Ralph Surette, Harry Bruce and various others.  Lots of detail atwww.HoweNow.ca

   Marlene Wells of the Green Party noted that Ralph and I were the only voices of the environmental movement in the paper, and that our loss means they're not covering environmental issues at all. If members of this listserv want to add their voices to the rising protest about the paper's refusal to negotiate reasonably with its freelance contributors, simply write todleger at herald.ca  orfdepalma at herald.ca  -- or both. We'd all be grateful if you'd do that.

   Silver Donald Cameron

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