[Sust-mar] Sounding the Alarm on Onshore Oil and Gas Extraction Mon. Nov. 21st, 2pm, New Glasgow .

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Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 4:58 PM
Subject: Sounding the Alarm on Onshore Oil and Gas Extraction Mon. Nov.
21st, 2pm in front of St. Brendan's Exploration Ltd., 112 Provost St., New
Glasgow .

Hi Kathryn,****

 *Sounding the Alarm on Onshore Oil and Gas Extraction*

A demonstration will be held on *Monday, November 21st at 2pm in* front of
office of *St. Brendan's Exploration Ltd., 112 Provost St., New Glasgow* to
sound the alarm about a hazardous industry coming to the area. ****

** **

St. Brendan's Exploration Ltd. holds lease agreements with the province to
explore for
onshore oil and gas in the Truemanville, Malagash and Scotsburn Agreement
Blocks, an area covering about 335,500 hectares of mainland northern Nova

The protesters intend to send a message to company executives that they will
not stand quietly and allow the exploration or drilling for oil and gas
here. They want to stop this development before it starts because dangers to
the environment and to human health are too great if it proceeds. Drilling
of wells and the almost definite use of some kind of fracking (fracturing of
underground rocks using fluid or gas under pressure to access small pockets
of hydrocarbons) could cause severe environmental problems including
depletion of water sources, earthquakes and pollution of air, water and
land. They say that agriculture, tourism and other activities that depend on
a healthy environment could also be affected.


They also say that the Nova Scotia government has not sufficiently
consulted with residents before making the agreements with St. Brendan’s,
and that Mi’kmaq treaties are not being respected regarding the right to
consultation about industrial development on land that was never ceded to

The protesters assert that human activities are already causing climate
change and dangerous tipping points could be reached resulting in
catastrophic climate change. They believe that new oil and gas development
is very unwise under these circumstances and think that community-based
renewable energy projects and energy conservation would lead to much better
results for the planet and could create many truly economically and
environmentally sustainable jobs.

They ask the public to join them in showing the company and government that
on shore oil and grass exploration is not welcome here in Nova Scotia.****

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