[Sust-mar] HRM cubside give away this weekend

Peter Watson pwatson at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Oct 21 13:02:51 EDT 2011

Curbside Give Away Weekend October 22 and 23

For details and guidelines go to 

Weather looks dry all weekend and great for leaving things outside (unlike 
last year), so this is a good opportunity to give away excess stuff you no 
longer need.


It's time to Reduce your home's clutter;
give someone the chance to Reuse things you no longer need,
by Recycling your clean and working goods!

HRM is calling on residents to participate in our second annual fall 
Curbside Give Away Weekend - October 22 and 23.

Help discover the "Hidden Treasures" in your neighbourhood, community, and 
city. It's another way to RETHINK GARBAGE and protect our most precious 
treasure - our environment.

What great way to clear out outgrown and underused household items - things 
that might be exactly what others are in looking for.

The aim of this weekend event is to reduce the amount of garbage ending up 
in HRM's landfill by diverting unwanted items to be re-used !  Reusing and 
Recycling household items instead of discarding them reduces pressures on 
our municipal facilities, and is a great way to not only get rid of your 
underused items, but to find some great treasures of your own! On Curbside 
Give Away Weekend:

Place re-usable  household items at the curb in front of your home on Friday 
evening Oct. 21;
Only place items for  "FREE" with "Free" stickers or signs on items ;
Remove leftover items from the curb by dusk on Sunday, Oct. 23;
Consider donating unclaimed items charitable organizations;

Place any garbage for collection on your regular garbage day and week. 
Regular limits and preparation is required.
With such a wide variety of treasure possibilities make sure to keep Give 
Away Weekend in mind before disposing of items for garbage in the upcoming 
weeks. Your participation in the event will help maximize landfill space by 
extending the lifecycle of items and making them available for reuse.

The Curbside Give Away Weekend Treasure Hunt theme is modeled on highly 
successful events held in other Canadian cities.  Residents in Ottawa have 
enjoyed bi-annual events since 2007 and Winnipeg began hosting the event in 
2009.  With much success and participation reported in those areas, HRM is 
certain to experience the same results!

Best of luck in finding those treasures! 

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