[Sust-mar] Free Thinkers Festival 2012

Katie Abriel kabriel at clean.ns.ca
Thu Apr 26 10:06:59 EDT 2012

*Saturday, 28th April 2012*

*FREE THINKERS FESTIVAL* (McInnes Room, Dalhousie University Student Union
Building, Halifax) - Register online for daytime conference on climate
change and sustainability (ages 16-30). All ages welcome from 5 p.m.
onwards - Stage 1: Keith Mullins, Gloryhound. Stage 2: Open-mic session.
Also visit the indoor sustainable market. Entry by donation, youth
conference participants enter for free! *Call Kate Abriel for details:
902-420-7936 or visit **www.clean.ns.ca* <http://www.clean.ns.ca/>*.*

Katie Abriel
Climate Change Manager | Clean Nova Scotia
Tel: 902-420-7936 | kabriel at clean.ns.ca | www.clean.ns.ca *


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