[Sust-mar] LED lighting is available in 12 volt that is powered by the sun

Stephen Cahill cahillsj at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 21:11:31 EST 2012

Very unique way to help in cutting electrical costs on a daily basis.
In a nut shell your lighting circuits are removed from the 110 volt
distribution panel and go to a 12 volt panel. The light bulbs are changes
to 12 volt LED  lights.These are powered by a battery bank that is charged
by a couple of solar panels.Backup is a 110 to 12 volt battery charger if
you have no sun for 3 days.
Does it work? Yes there are systems out there working in Nova Scotia.
Does it cut your power bill? Yes by 20 to 30%
Can I have my home or business converted?
Yes you can use the power of the sun to light your castle or business.
Certified to meet all building codes.
Green power for lighting is an Email away.

Stephen Cahill
Bringing relief to power and heating bills
Through solar and other Green technologies.
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