[Sust-mar] Down our throats: Fed-up with salmon feedlots

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The issue is as tangled as cage netting washed ashore after winter storms. Forty years ago salmon aquaculture was seen as a burgeoning industry, a salvation for fisherman, and a pathway towards a sustainable fishery that would protect wild stocks. Salmon, once a rare treat for anglers and a staple for many coastal native groups, was commodified into a mainstream supermarket fish. Over time, however, flies began to appear in the ointment.

Thos concerned with this topic may be interested in my recent article on the topic:

	Down our throats: Fed-up with salmon feedlots

Resolving the dilemmas posed by open-net salmon farming parallel the necessity of resolving corporate exploitation of the environment, human and natural.  We need to find models of economic activity that are not in phase mismatch with either the biological world or the human one. The failure to do so will have critical consequences for both.

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