[Sust-mar] Spiritual Activism: Soil and Soul at Tatamagouche Centre

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*Alastair McIntosh* is a world-renowned Scottish environmentalist and
author of *Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power*. In this program, *
Spiritual Activism, Soul and Soul** (Friday evening July 13th-Sunday, July
15th, 1pm)* Alastair will share his story of successful resistance to
corporate mining in the Hebrides, Scotland. His deep concern for the land
has convinced him that the pressing environmental issues of our time expose
a loss of soul that manifests as addictive consumerism. He writes: “*My
concern is not with personal salvation; my concern is with how we
collectively learn to live, with one another, in community on this earth
and the salvation that is inherent within that.”** * Together with
Alastair, program participants will explore why connection to the land
matters, and why community is at heart a spiritual issue. They will seek
strategies that give practical expression to the spiritual strength of

*Please note that Kathryn and Wilf generally work Mondays for Tatamagouche
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