[Sust-mar] Closed Containment Aquaculture Workshop In Halifax, October 13 2012

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Salmon Farming in Land-Based Closed-Containment Systems
Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History Auditorium
Halifax, Nova Scotia
October 13, 2012
8:30am to 12:00 noon

The Atlantic Salmon Federation, the Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute
and the Ecology Action Center are pleased to host a ½ day workshop on
closed containment land based salmon aquaculture.

Steve Summerfelt and Christopher Good, of the Conservation Fund Freshwater
Institute, will be leading this workshop to inform attendees on the current
status of this exciting technology.

Workshop presentations will give an overview on the status of land-based
closed-containment systems, plus lessons learned regarding the biological,
technical, and economic feasibility of Atlantic salmon production in such

Current open net pen aquaculture practices are causing much controversy and
have been shown to cause harm to coastal environments and wild fish
species, specifically wild Atlantic salmon. Many communities are opposed to
this type of aquaculture in their coastal zones. Closed containment
aquaculture shows much promise as a viable alternative to this method of
raising fish.

ASF has partnered with the Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute to
investigate ways to improve closed containment technologies and techniques
in order to make this
method of aquaculture more viable as a commercial industry.
We would like to share the results of our efforts to date.

Space is limited, so please reserve a seat at this workshop by contacting
Lewis Hinks at: lhinks at auracom.com

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