[Sust-mar] Raw deal: The Canadian resource economy - Part 2

Christopher Majka c.majka at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Oct 19 13:54:44 EDT 2012

Hi folks,

You may be interested in my recent article for Rabble.ca, the next  
installment of my Canadian Resource Economy series:

	Raw deal: The Canadian resource economy - Part 2

Effective resource economies add, build, and extract value from  
natural resources. Getting there entails smart education,  
infrastructure, and research policies. Current federal government  
policy is anything but.

"In all these critical areas necessary to foster innovation that could  
add, build, and extract value from the natural resources sector,  
federal government policies have been running against the current of  
effective resource economies. While other nations are developing the  
advantages that natural resources convey, Canadian governments --  
federal and provincial -- cruise the bland middle, if they are not  
actively paddling backwards." - Christopher Majka

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Christopher Majka

Christopher Majka - columnist, Rabble.ca
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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